One-Stop Shop For Cleantech Needs

We are building a technology enabled cleantech platform that will connect- customers, installers, financers, and manufacturers in a seamless way and amplify cleantech implementation in India and other developing countries which are fighting the problems of pollution and climate change. We are currently offering solar rooftop solutions for residential, commercial and small scale industrial customers.

"Easy Financing, Quick Installation and Incentives"


A customer if he needs to install a solar rooftop he needs to get in touch with- an installer, bank for financing, Electricity Distribution Company for Net-Metering, Manufacturer for warranties, Insurance agency, etc. Indian government has set a target of 40000 MW solar rooftops to be installed by 2022, but only 3000 MW has been installed as of 2018 due to four major roadblocks- High Upfront Cost, Lack of Easy Financing, No After sales operations and maintenance and lack of incentives.

Amplify Energy Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a cleantech energy market place. At Amplify we intend to shield our customers from ever increasing power charges, creating a Billion dollars market for all our stake holders and contribute to clean environment.

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